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Auditions We hold regular auditions and initiatives to scout the best talent in communities in South Africa. This is your time to shine, to show us your talent, dedication and passion.
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Training We create an environment where you can harness and grow your musical talents into artistry. Be mentored by our music industry professionals. Rehearse with vocal coaches, dance instructors, music producers - we ensure you have everything you need for the best shot at the entertainment industry.
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Live Events

Live Events Perform live in front of audiences at Hitchat events in your local community. We arrange high-quality events close to you.
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Release Music

Release Music Our network of songwriters and producers, produce and write songs for our acts which are performed and distributed in the local community to all the music fans.
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Get Signed

Get Signed We are a one-stop-shop for entertainment. We develop, build, produce, distribute, market and manage your act and create entertainment together with 100+ million music fans that are ready to get entertained.
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