“We want people to feel like they can relax and just enjoy themselves a little bit in this hectic life that we are living in.” – 4IAM

The song is basically about living in the moment. The only way there is in Cape Town! Life is hectic these days. You have to work so hard to get where you want to be. But life isn’t only about working hard, you also need moments of relaxation, moments of happiness, basically moments where you can let go of all this stress from your everyday life. A big part of the 4IAM journey: Balance.

This song takes you through to an evening of good vibes only. It’s the perfect song to put you in a taxi on your way to the pre party. Getting ready with the girls and building up to a night of fun! You can’t just sit, you have to stand and shake your body when you listen to this song. You can either sing, rap or just dance and feel the vibe of the track and let it take over you as the night usually does.

“The purpose of this track is to let loose a bit. Between all of life, everyone needs a bit of time to just enjoy. That’s what we want people to feel when they listen to this song.” – 4IAM

Dashingu‘ takes you on a journey through the night, and here is a little guide based on the video release for the track. We start off at the pre party, everyone is gathering and the people are excited for the evening. Through the first verse and the pre-chorus, everyone gets ready to dance when the chorus comes in. It’s all about letting loose and enjoying the night before the second verse starts. When P.H.X enters, all the girls are already at the party, she is basically preaching at this point, speaking directly to all her fellow girlfriends that the night is far from over. A lot of times girls follow the boys at the clubs but this is a talk of independence and female empowerment for the girls. Now, it’s soon to be midnight and the girls are going to the next place. When the chorus comes again, the dancing continues. 

The bridge is basically the climax of the party. It’s midnight and you can let everything go. After the bridge the song continues, as does the night, never to end. Living on forever in our souls, minds and hearts. Just like the music of 4IAM, highlights in the song include the second verse, where one of the members P.H.X comes and starts doing her verse. It’s all about independence and celebrating female success and sisterhood. Something that the girls strongly want to emphasise as their underlying message in their music. During this part she also talks about women taking control of their own reality. You can buy your own drinks, you can be independent, you don’t need a man. 

As the lyrics of the song states “Under the city lights. Dancing with the stars, till body and soul collide“; ‘Dashingu’ proves to be an Electric feel good song that would serve any listener with a good vibe. 4IAM merges local sounds with an international feeling. Musically the song starts with a subtle intro, almost bridging on a dreamscape feeling. A few seconds in a slight afro pop feel that takes over the song midway in. The swaying shakers and bassline automatically carries the listener to a new atmosphere of feel good vibes. The track even brings in a nostalgic throwback calling the DJ to play Sister Batina, which we all know is a necessity for any party.

Dashingu‘ brings it all back home with a message to women all over the world. It’s about having fun together with your girlfriends. In the song they mention not needing any man, they are everything, and have everything that they need within themselves and their group. Drawing inspiration from the lyrics we see this message resonate well:”Phakathi negirls, we shining like pearls, the people confirmed. Xasngena kyakhanya, shukum’ivibe, we bringing the life” which means “Among the girls, we shining like pearls, the people confirmed. .When the light shines, it moves, it brings life

If there is one thing people should feel when hearing and feeling the track ‘Dashingu‘ it is that they should forget their problems.

“We want people to feel like they can relax and just enjoy themselves a little bit in this hectic life that we are living in.” – 4IAM

So far 4IAM has released a new track every month of the year so far, proving 2022 to be the year of 4IAM. Ready to join the revolution?

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