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There are more than 100 million music fans in emerging markets waiting to be entertained. We create community-driven entertainment using our T-pop model.

Introducing T-pop Introducing T-pop

We develop synchronised acts to entertain music fans in emerging markets using our unique T-pop model because music is meant to be shared and is the most universal language.

Empowered Entertainment Empowered Entertainment

We empower emerging markets by using entertainment. We embrace the community and believe that everyone deserves to get entertained no matter where you were born.


Sing, dance and rap your way to success.

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Entertainment for everyone Entertainment for everyone

What We Do

About Us

Everyone deserves to get entertained.

Hitchat Entertainment is at the forefront of the music entertainment industry in South Africa.  We empower young people in townships and disadvantaged communities across Africa using entertainment.

We develop talents from these areas into synchronised acts to entertain music fans in these communities using our unique T pop model. We embrace the community and believe that everyone deserves to get entertained no matter where you live.

  • Talent Discovery
    We arrange auditions in your community. Can you sing, dance and/or rap? Audition for a chance to become a T-pop star.
  • Talent Development
    We provide our acts with professional music industry development.
  • Local Events
    We arrange community-based events and entertainment to grow community-driven fan bases for our acts.
  • Music Production
    We work with producers and songwriters from all over the world, to produce hits for our artists and their fans.
  • T-pop
    T-pop is synchronised acts that entertain music fans in townships using local and relatable sounds and visuals.
  • Community
    Unite and support your community. Empower each other.
Our Process

Talent Development

Get coached by our music industry professionals to become a T-pop act.
Your dedication. Your potential. 


We hold regular auditions and initiatives to scout the best talent in communities in South Africa.

This is your time to shine, to show us your talent, dedication and passion.


We create an environment where you can harness and grow your musical talents into artistry. Be mentored by our music industry professionals.

Rehearse with vocal coaches, dance instructors, music producers - we ensure you have everything you need for the best shot at the entertainment industry.

Live Events

Perform live in front of audiences at Hitchat events in your local community. We arrange high-quality events close to you.

Release Music

Our network of songwriters and producers, produce and write songs for our acts which are performed and distributed in the local community to all the music fans.

Get Signed

We are a one-stop-shop for entertainment. We develop, build, produce, distribute, market and manage your act and create entertainment together with 100+ million music fans that are ready to get entertained.

Listen Up

New Releases

Hitchat SquadYou Taught Me Well
(Official Audio)
(Amanda Black cover)
M&SNgeke Balunge
(Mafikizolo cover)
Noss The BossMayo
(Dj Speedsta cover)
Vocal ZoidLotto
(Samthing Soweto cover)

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17th Jun 20224IAM 5080


“We want people to feel like they can relax and just enjoy themselves a little bit in this hectic life that we are living in.” – 4IAM

18th Jun 2021News 30

Legends By 4IAM Taking Over SA!

Hitchat Entertainment, a music production company focused on empowering talent from townships and disadvantaged communities, has officially launched a new T-pop girl band titled 4IAM (read as For I Am).


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